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Darron Eastwell

Meet Darron Eastwell

In May of 2015, successful banking executive Darron Eastwell said goodbye to his wife Bianca, with plans for an exciting day of mountain biking at Tewantin National Park. No one could have known that the day would end with Darron lying in a coma, his very future uncertain.

Darron emerged from that experience as a brain injury survivor. In The Day I Broke My Brain, he chronicles his struggles to regain his foothold on life. This is not a book to be read only by those looking for information about traumatic brain injury. Rather, this is a true-to-life story of overcoming the most difficult of circumstances with courage, perseverance, and a dash of humor. Readers will gain inspiration as they walk with Darron through hardship, anguish, and pain. This is a must read book for anyone seeking inspiration.

Darron is an inspiration to all who know him. A career banker for many years, he was well-known for his expertise in managing a complex banking portfolio worth more than a hundred-and-fifty million dollars. While Darron’s injury has changed the course of his life, the same drive to succeed has helped him overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Darron and his family reside on the Sunshine Coast in southern Queensland, Australia. 

Darron Eastwell

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The Day I Broke My Brain by Darron Eastwell.

Available in paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon.

The Day I Broke My Brain is also available at a quantity discount to qualified groups or organizations that serve the brain injury community.  Contact Darron for more information about volume book purchases.

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